1935 Riley 12/4 Sports Special Zagato Style

Transmission: 4-Speed Wilson Preselect

Chassis Number: 22T 1250

1935 Riley 12/4 Sports Special Zagato Style

Fabulous ZAGATO style bodywork

If you have ever tried squeezing yourself into a tiny Riley MPH or Riley IMP cockpit and failed - try this car - it has two spaces for an over 6' driver and passenger  !

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Your writer is over 6' tall and long in the leg - & comfortably able to pilot this extraordinarily good looking car !

New pilot needs to come and try this 12/4 Special for size

Introduced in 1935, the 12/4 engine is a 4-cylinder 1496cc engine with twin SU carburettors, based on the previous Riley 9 engine including the crankcase and block as one unit, with twin camshafts mounted high in the engine block. This engine however is equipped with re-profiled Riley Sprite cams and high compression pistons.

Wilson pre-select 4-speed transmission.

This fabulous interpretation of what a Zagato bodied Riley Special could be was completed in 2006. Lightweight, it is a quick car considering the engine output is quoted at around 70 bhp.

Just 1550 miles have been covered since completion





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