1921 Morris Oxford Sports 2-seater FOR SALE - Fabulous !

1921 MORRIS OXFORD SPORTS two-seater


https://youtu.be/DXL8UN5l0lU - (seen at the start and end of this event. Also in the background)

This is actually THE very start to the MG STORY – this highly geared amazing early post Great War eligible LIGHT CAR cruises very happily at 45-50 mph – with surprising ample and re-assuring torque !

We have to remember that CECIL KIMBER - the pioneer of MG cars - joined Morris in 1921 as General Manager, graduating to forming the MG Car Company in 1924 with William Morris.  

Restored between 2009 and 2015 by our vendor - known to me for 27 years now - this fabulous car represents one of the 117 Cowley and Oxford ‘Sports’ retailed by Morris Garages between 1921 and 1923.

Although designated an ‘Oxford’ having proper chassis mounted headlamps - rather than wing mounted – as well as other features, our car correctly has the 1500cc three-port engine - and not the 1800cc engine as later fitted to Oxfords - and therefore qualifies as a VSCC “LIGHT CAR”

With three-speed gearbox and rear wheel braking only, this Oxford Sports is also equipped with a brand new raised ratio crown wheel and pinion, giving a surprisingly fast cruising speed for today’s public roads of a reassuring and very confident 45-50mph – quite fast enough to feel safe on A and B roads, as well as the lanes, sitting on 19-inch beaded edge tyres.

This model was expensive at £398 (later lowered to £355) each, yet because of their excellent power-to-weight-ratio they were used extensively for hill climbs and competition work as seen in the accompanying photos.


All of the ancillary fittings are correct and in-period and have been rebuilt as follows:- electric centre panel, S.U. sloping carburettor, speedometer, odometer, revolution counter mechanical clock, Wefco spring gaiters and Hartford shock absorbers.

The outside exhaust was created in one piece by Competition Fabrications of Attleborough, giving switchable sports and cruising modes.

The totally correct folding mohair cape hood was professionally rebuilt to style, as with the new leather upholstery and side panels. Front and rear lighting is all restored to pattern, as well as the intricate detail parts to the windscreen.

The petrol tank is an original unit, in this instance mounted away from the engine bay, aided by an SU fuel pump.

Such has been the attention to detail throughout this car - that even the chassis plate is correctly mounted on the near-side landing plate.

ENGINE : Overhead Valve conversion

The engine is fitted with a period and possibly unique Jones & Shipman of Leicester overhead valve conversion, a unit designed by J & S for using with Morris’s preferred Hotchkiss engine. While this does not add much in the way of speed – but will achieve 70mph and readily cruise at 45-50mph - it does increase bottom-end torque which means that most hills can be claimed in top gear.

Another feature is the exhaust cut-out. Operated by a lever mounted on the steering column, when opened it frees the engine and allows for a nippy acceleration, as well as a sporty sound to the exhaust.

A non-standard feature is the late 1920s coil conversion unit which assists in engine efficiency. An original magneto nevertheless is included in the sale.

The engine has been re-bored to +60 by Thomas Hamlin of Bridgewater.


The body had been rebuilt to original specification by Roger Wing.

The rear axle has new bearings, re-lined rear only brakes with independently operated hand brake on the same wide drums, skimmed hubs and new and adjustable control rods and knuckle joints.


There are also a wealth of period photographs of the model, handbooks and period road test reports collected over the years of build


This extremely presentable car – welcome at any concours - is an evocation but using the correct period components as would have been available in March 1921, the same month as Cecil Kimber was appointed the manager of Morris Garages.

Equipped with the correct 1500cc engine – this incredible car is eligible for VSCC LIGHT CAR events which it has regularly attended…

Also used for touring and static events – a VIDEO OF THIS CAR can be found on this You Tube link: https://youtu.be/DXL8UN5l0lU

PRESS article

This actual car was featured in THE AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE in November 2015 -

< SEE this 3 page article above in the photographs



Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 102 years old and sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car.



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