1925 Vauxhall OE 30-98 - the factory engine development car. Significant vintage Vauxhall

1925 Vauxhall OE 30-98

The factory development car for the Counter-Balanced crankshaft engine.

Original Velox body. The more attractive low radiator OE retained by the factory and not sold until development was complete.

A rare opportunity to acquire a significant vintage Vauxhall 30-98 which has not been on the market for countless years, and certainly not in a driveable and restored condition as it is today

Fully restored - minor works and road testing to do... Tailoring to new owner's requirements possible at this stage

1) Front axle. New hubs / bearings / steering joints

2) Rear axle. 3.3:1 All new internals / axle shafts / hubs etc. Rebuilt by Phil Hill

3) Steering box. New gears and 9” drop arm.

4) Engine. New block / head / crank / rods / camshaft /valves /multi-branch exhaust. Re-metalled and rebuilt by Phil Hill

5) New bearings and prop-shaft flange. Rebuilt by Phil Hill

6) Wheels. 21” new

7) Alignment checked / new radiator cross member/ new shackle pins and bushes/ springs reset.

8) Body.  Original VM Velox. Restored / repainted in Australia. Re-trimmed and new hood.

9) Instruments. Original set. Including black faced air pressure gauge. Speedo/rev counter rebuilt

10) Shock absorbers. Original set. New bushes / discs/ dials.

If you desire a significant 30-98 which is fully rebuilt, this is it.

Accepting serious enquiries now


Uncertainties put to bed regarding parts which might otherwise be worn out and tired, which could well warrant a closer look... as in the case of some cars in long term ownership which come up for sale and have not been well maintained of late



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