1928 Austin 16/6 Burnham Saloon £10,750 - FOR SALE

Chassis Number: 3493L6

Engine Number: 4114L6

1928 Austin 16/6 Burnham Saloon FOR SALE

This 1928 Austin 16/6 smooth six-cylinder 2249cc litre Burnham Saloon in maroon with attractive beige velour upholstery offers an ideal opportunity for on the go improvements to be made to this car without the need to take it off the road in the short term

Originally an Australian export, this car was re-imported in 2007. Used for approximately the last eight years in local events, this car is only offered for sale due to the owner’s unfortunate poor health, together with V5C, handbooks and a small history file, one occasional engine starting job requiring attention, otherwise we are advised in reliable all-day running order.

Priced accordingly


Taken from Austin’s official leather bound publication

“Austin Cars – Specification and Sales Data”

CONFIDENTIAL – for Austin Agents use only :-

The engine develops 36 brake horsepower at 2400 revolutions, and is an ideal “top gear performer”.

In many parts of the world are to be found motorists who are prepared to stand or fall in their selection of a car by this top gear performance and a demonstration of the 16’s ability in this direction will often prove a convincing argument.

The Sixteen is fitted with wire wheels as standard equipment which feature undoubtedly adds something to the model’s distinguished appearance.

The various standard bodies available for this model are all eloquent of refinement and good taste.

The car is one well calculated to please the eye of the man who places great store by appearances, whilst the performance will prove that mechanical details are in harmony with the scheme.

The economy of operation and upkeep will make powerful appeal to the motorist who desires to avail himself of a Six’s manifold advantages but who cannot or does not care to pay too heavily for the privilege.

This is a car for the discriminating buyer and the users are already proving that luxury may go hand-in-hand with an ability to undertake the hardest work."


Like the Austin 20 six cylinder also introduced in 1927, this engine - running on 8 main bearings - had the timing chain located at the rear of the engine in order to be out of the way of torsional vibration. Figures of 60mph and 23 mpg were attained on test.


Main features

"The best of all light sixes

Cheapest and best value of anything on the market comparable in quality

A meticulously balanced crankshaft carried on eight very substantial bearings and having a tortional damper, gives very smooth silent running

Excellent flexibility and acceleration.

5 to 50 mph on top gear.

Ideal for city traffic

The professional man’s car

Every part requiring attention very accessible

Austin bodywork and upholstery of highest grade

Completely equipped"


Period Prices of all Austin 16/6 models

"Chassis  £240

Clifton tour £305

Two seater £310

Open road tour £325

Special two seater £325

Fabric saloon four window £365

Burnham saloon £375

Fabric saloon 6 window £375

Sportsman’s saloon £375

Iver saloon (with division) £385

£10 extra for a sliding sunshine roof

The Burnham saloon could be specified in Royal blue, maroon, brown, opal blue, dual beige."


Will it fit in my garage?

"Wheelbase 9‘4“

Track 4‘8“

Ground clearance 7 1/2 inches

Overall length 13’2”

Overall width 5 foot 6 1/2 inches

Height of saloon 6’1”

Turning circle 42 feet


 General information

"Burnham saloon weight : 1 ton 5 1/4 hundred weight

Lubrication is pressure fed by twin gear pump to 8 main bearings and crankshaft

Engine cooling maintained by centrifugal pump

Fuel tank capacity 10 gallons.

Fuel fed to the engine by Autovac Fuel consumption 22 to 24 miles per gallon

Ignition system by battery and coil with timing control by variable lever on the steering wheel

12 volt electrical system

Four speed gearbox and four wheel brakes.

Suspension by semi elliptic leaf springs front and rear.


Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 96 years old and sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car



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