1935 Riley 12/4 Sports Special Zagato Style - VERY SPECIAL CAR

Transmission: 4-Speed Wilson Preselect

Chassis Number: 22T 1250

1935 Riley 12/4 Sports Special - STUNNING

Just 1610 miles since completion

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Registered 6th March 1935, with matching number chassis and engine

The RF60 Continuation Log Book on file dates from 1955 to 1973 with 5 owners - all in one region

Introduced in 1935, the 12/4 engine is a 4-cylinder 1496cc engine with twin SU carburettors, based on the previous Riley 9 engine including the crankcase and block as one unit, with twin camshafts mounted high in the engine block.

This engine however is equipped with re-profiled Riley Sprite cams, high compression Omega pistons and a four-branch exhaust manifold.

The 1½-litre four-cylinder twin-cam engine is said to produce approximately 70bhp. Power is transmitted via a Wilson pre-selector gearbox, the brakes being Girling rod-operated.

With light bodywork, a good turn of speed is on tap. Steering is precise, the brakes are good, and the ride is most comfortable. The pre-select gearbox is smooth, coupled to a fully restored and properly working clutch that works well in traffic.

See OCTANE 7-page feature in the OCTOBER 2018 issue - issue number 184 - pages 150 to 156 (The "Porsche at 70" issue showing various Porsches on the cover)


Note Riley IMP and RILEY MPH cockpit photos at the end are included to show you just how small the factory cars are - questionable whether you would be able fit into these cars - even if you could afford the 6-figure price tags.





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