1951 Bentley MkVI Special by Alan Padgett £65,995

Transmission: Manual 4-speed

Chassis Number: B-286-MD

Engine Number: B-143-M

Colour: Red

1951 Bentley MkVI Special - built by Alan Padgett in 1989 - famous for building wonderful Bentley specials

Keenly priced at £65,995

This example certainly shifts! Fairly took off uphill away from me on the way to photograph this car

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Can cruise at 70mph all day as proven by the vendor last year on a round trip through Europe. Not a spanner was needed on this adventure

For relaxed motoring but certainly covering the miles, at just over 2000 rpm 60mph is indicated.

This car is featured in the Ray Roberts book "Bentley Specials and Special Bentleys". (Long out of print -  one book is listed on Ebay today for £500 !)

Hood frame, hood & side screens

Lovely 6-branch outside exhaust manifold.

Plenty of room for luggage

Sits on 175 R16 radial tyres and on 16" wire wheels - appropriate for this sporting car

This is a pretty rapid yet docile machine - pulls away from 20 in top from roundabouts - so a nice flexible 6 cylinder 

NB : This is not the usual copycat of an out-of-period vintage looking pre-1930 WO Bentley but an intelligent interpretation of what a 1950s sports special might look like - very well built by Alan Padgett - ahead of his time. (Bob Petersen does the job of making wonderful Bentley Specials these days starting at considerably more than we are able to sell this car today)

As I said above - this car doesn’t half go well - as I found out taking these photos


1989 records show the car was built with a 9' wheelbase, with the engine and gearbox moved 1.5" back, and the radiator lowered and reduced in height by 7" to give an extra sporting appearance. The engine was stripped, overhauled and rebuilt, also lightening the flywheel for quick gear changes and more responsive performance.



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