2005 Porsche 911 997 C2 S Manual 64000 miles (2006 model) FOR SALE

Mileage: 64000

Transmission: Manual 6-speed

Colour: Slate Grey Metallic

2005 (2006 model) Porsche 911 997 C2 S FOR SALE

Registered 5th November 2005 - supplied by Porsche Centre Reading

Original bill of sale @ £75,645 (with £11,530 of extras)

Road Tax is currently £415 for this car. (N.B. £735 for post March 2006 997s)

Warranty with this car to October 2024 by Warranty Solutions Group

4 owners to date in 18 years and 6 months, with the current fastidious retired gentleman owner as from 8th June 2021 when the last V5C was issued.

Car supplied and currently maintained by Maundrell & Co of Wantage, Oxfordshire, "...for the highest quality pre-owned Specialist Cars in the Market" - a Porsche and high end sports car specialist.

12 months MoT will be issued to 6 June 2025. Maintained to owner's highest standards with no MOT advisories for the last 3 years

Work done in addition to regular servicing :-

DATE           MILEAGE               WORK

2007             7490              New Clutch and release bearing

2011              32049           Drive belts / Plugs / Coil packs / Heat shields

2015              41124             Engine inspected by Hartech with their parts supplied for an engine rebuild to include overhaul of both cylinder heads / fitted low temperature thermostat / New dual mass flywheel & clutch, plus IMF bearing / new Spark Plugs

2015                                     Heater pipes replacement

2015                                     New offside catalytic converter

2015                                     New NSR wheel bearing + new battery

2016              47216            New OS window regulator

2017              52868           All new coolant pipes. New front coil springs, both sides

2018              54958           New OS switch pack / New front discs & pads. All brake pipes to calipers replaced

2021              59887           Replace both air conditioning condensers + all coolant pipes. All brake pipes renewed. Both tie rods + track rod ends replaced. New drive shaft seals + 2 engine bearers. Boroscope check carried out : all cylinders clear

2022                                     Replace coil packs on 1,2, and 3 cylinders. Both rear exhaust boxes replaced with new stainless steel boxes. Air Conditioning pipes replaced. New Spoiler control module fitted. New Sunroof drain pipes fitted. New Battery fitted.

2023                                     New NS window winder cable

2024             63000           New sunroof seal


64000 miles

New windscreen

Bridgestone tyres are excellent

Space Saver spare wheel, tyre and jack upgrade - see photos - by current owner, replacing the original foam aerosol puncture repair kit

Electric Sunroof

Bose Sound system

Cruise Control

Heated seats


£11,530 : Extras include :

Slate Grey Metallic, Black full leather, 19" Carrera wheels, Rear Park assistance, Electric Sunroof, Self dimmer outer and inner mirrors, Top tinted screen, Rear window wiper, 4 Stainless Steel tail pipes, Cruise Control, Fire Extinguisher, Heated seats, Electric Front seats, 3 spoke steering wheel, Porsche mats, Door entry stainless plates, Bose Sound system, CD Auto-changer,  Navigation Module PCM, Telephone module, Soloured centre wheels, and lastly a TRACKER Monitor - which is not in current operation



2023 : 62,728 miles

2022 : 61,366 miles

2021 : 59,897 miles

2020 : 58,485 miles

2019  : 56,438 miles

2018  : 54,958 miles

2017 : 52,869 miles

2016 : 50,248 miles

2015 : 45,287 miles

2014 : 40,940 miles

2013 : 34,469 miles

2012 : 28,286 miles

2011 : 21,370 miles

2009 : 11,353 miles

2008 : 9871 miles


Emissions : 277 g/km

Engine capacity : 3,824cc / 350bhp

Ultra Low Emission Zone Status for this car (ULEZ) :-

This vehicle meets the ULEZ emissions standards

You do not need to pay a daily ULEZ charge to drive this car in the zone, and are helping to improve air quality across London.

However, you will need to pay the daily Congestion Zone Charge to drive in central London.


"Like the last 911, but 15% better"...so said

The Autocar magazine's initial road test, as reported on 15th June 2004...

"This is 911 heaven. The 997, responding perfectly to every input, doing exactly what you want, when you want, is in its element."

"Yes, yet again, Porsche has built a significantly faster 911."

"...better handling, more predictable – yes, a more rewarding 911, with a chassis poise that essentially refutes its tail-heavy weight bias...in these circumstances, tottering on the limit, the previous generation 996 gently bobbed the nose vertically. The new 997 stays flatter, biting first at the nose, then sticking resolutely at both ends, the brakes smashing into the speed and seemingly unconcerned at their continual near-abuse..."

"Apart from thoroughly revised styling (only the roof panel is carried over from the 996) that obviously draws its inspiration from the 993, highlights include a now 3.8-litre flat-six for the S version we’re testing, a new interior and Porsche’s first attempt at adaptive damping in a 911."

"The truth - unpalatable though it may be to those obsessed by the air-cooled 993 variety, is that each successive water-cooled 911 has moved the game forward."

"...the new S is quieter and more comfortable of ride, most notably in normal mode, the suspension absorbing bumps that would have jarred the rear end of the old model... The gear change is faster and lighter, sweeter, full of character and a joy to operate. Yet a flatter and beefier torque curve reduces the need, if not the inclination, for cog-swapping."

"The big-bore engine is more gutsy and responsive around 3000rpm, where it begins to tap into the flat six’s intoxicating induction snort, and it’s equally happily to rev, despite those 350 horses being developed at 6600rpm, 200rpm below the 3.6-litre’s power peak. There is real power from 2500rpm, thanks to the variable intake-valve timing and a total redesign of the induction system. The effect is a constantly volatile induction howl that takes on a harder character at 5600rpm, in synch with a power kick, and builds in volume to a deep scream by 7300rpm that seems to spring from the very heart of the engine."

"In 997 S form, the 911 Carrera is faster, more stable, more precise, and forgiving, an altogether superior – make that more efficient – sports car than the previous 996. Still, I suspect this anaesthetising of traditional Porsche traits – flaws if you must – will be missed by some obsessive 911 drivers. It is almost too good, a genuine supercar at an un-supercar price, that retains all the practicality that has made the 911 unique for over 40 years, and is capable of true greatness..."


Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 18 1/2 years old and sold as a collector item and not as an optimum means of transport. In this particular sale there is a remaining warranty with an independent warranty company until October 2024.



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