2019 already a success!


Jan 5, 2019

The first week of 2019 has produced 3 buyers to proceed with purchases, one car off to Japan on Monday...

2019 is already going better than ever expected with the uncertainties ahead of us.

If you are thinking of selling your classic or vintage car, please contact me.

I have 41 years experience in assisting buyers and sellers of all types of classic and vintage cars.

I do not charge VAT since this is a disadvantage to private buyers - my sales being to private individuals without exception and not business to business.

I look forward to your call :  (+44) 07973 731508 Charles Leith

The recommendations we receive are always gratifying ! "Once again Charles Leith has stepped up to the mark and very efficiently sold my car overseas, seamlessly arranging delivery to the docks and subsequent shipment to Japan. Highly professional service throughout." S.C. Hampshire UK

C Leith Prescott