Commission Car Sales Service Over the last 43 years I have built up many contacts in the classic, historic and vintage car sales business. Entrusting your car for sale with us means that we filter through our knowledge of  likely buyers out there - often internationally - and introduce you to candidates that we feel are likely to be purchasers. Visitors can ask us pointed questions that they might feel embarrassed to ask you when viewing your car. We can store your car or you can continue to use your car where you keep it. In the latter situation, we never reveal your actual address at the time of a prospective candidate wanting to view your car, and meet elsewhere locally before coming to you. 

Our knowledgeable service also takes the distraction of selling your car away from your busy everyday life.

Transport / Shipping / Export / Storage
Sometimes essential ingredients to achieving your goal. Please consult us for further information as to how we can help you

Valuations for insurance
Often insurers insist on a second opinion for agreed value purposes. We can assist you with most classic car insurance company requirements.

Car Locating service - see my page  We can use our contacts to locate almost any car you wish.

Auction assistance - if you have located a classic car to purchase at auction and perhaps plan on attending a car auction, we can assist you through the process, and can even attend with you or on your behalf.

Do give me a call and talk to us as to how we can help you.

Tel : Charles Leith on 07973 731508 (+44 7973 731508) or e-mail [email protected]

New Forest, Hampshire, UK