Jun 5, 2019

1915/16 Curtiss 8.2 litre V8 AERO ENGINE for sale

Ideal to pep up your sluggish Edwardian chassis.

See the engine running :  https://youtu.be/djZwsjgx8Os

Fit a 2:1 axle mated to a 2-speed gearbox and reduce your gear changing. Up to 350lbs feet of torque. Could be a 100+ mph car... Apply today.

Keep it on the ground and spare a thought - it's safer on the ground than in a WW1 era bi-plane

23 September 2019 : It should be noted that it is ONLY the engine for sale - not the test rig, radiator or copper piping from the radiator, fuel tank and fuel, battery, starter motor, flywheel, test rig controls, workbench, workshop equipment or anything else in the photographs, other than the actual engine for sale. Recent joker who thought otherwise should look elsewhere. A transport cradle will be provided to keep the engine supported during transit, duly strapped down by the purchaser, and not used for any other purpose than transporting and storing the engine. The transport cradle is 100% not strong enough to run the engine.

Curtiss Low Sump - LEITH