Alvis 1935/38 Alvis Speed 25 Firebird Fast Road Special 3572cc SOLD

Chassis Number: 12500

1935/38 Alvis Speed 25 Firebird Fast Road Special 3572cc


Well known very effective Special - constructed in 2005 to fast road specification using a 1935 Alvis Firebird chassis no. 12500 and 1938 Speed 25 Alvis engine no 15088.

The 150bhp engine consists of a new Phoenix 7-bearing crankshaft and conrods with shell bearings and high compression forged Arias pistons, competition camshaft and full flow oil filter. Ancillaries include high torque starter motor, increased capacity radiator, electric cooling fan with manual override, and oil and water catch tanks for MSUK events

Admired by the current owner for a number of years – this car was purchased literally as Covid lockdown was announced, and joining a stable with another Alvis.

At the time of Covid lockdown this car suited the current owner to carry out some light refreshment to the car, with no desire to compete with the car. Now completed, it is time for a competitor or fast road driver to enjoy this car.


RECENT WORK on the car since 2019 Covid lockdown:-

The current owner has recently completed light restoration and maintenance work. Items included:

Complete rewiring to the Alvis factory wiring diagram

All 5 wheels were refurbished

New set of 5 Blockley 5.50 x 18”  tyres

New exhaust silencers

Brake linings replaced

Front springs re-bushed in phosphor bronze

Front spring hangars also re-bushed in phosphor bronze – a big job which has restored the handling of the car on the road


This car performs extremely briskly, the engine pushing out 150 bhp and so driven with care on the road while the engine is flexible and unfussy.

A 4-speed all synchromesh gearbox makes for easy driving too.

We understand there are no issues with the car and that it keeps a steady temperature in traffic.

This car deserves to go back into sprint and hillclimb competition where its full potential can be used, but only used to date for the occasional trip to the pub.

There are competition history results to go with the car and also an enormous amount of paperwork recording the original build in 2005 with invoices on file

The specification includes a 25 gallon fuel tank, traditional frame coachwork with aluminium panels and wings. folding windscreen with Brooklands aero screens. Full tonneau and folding hood, front bucket seats and rear bench seat, all trimmed in leather.

VSCC eligible and competitive while still being a very good fast road car.


We understand these SPRINT & HILL CLIMB are best times recorded

Curborough Sprint 43.55

Wiscombe Park 54.97

Prescott short course 49.36

Loton Park  72.26

Shelsley Walsh 42.68

Goodwood Sprint 122.11

Elvington Sprint 88.33

Oliver’s Mount 63.56

Harewood Hill 84.69


We understand these VSCC SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS 10 & 11 placings were achieved

2006 Elvington Sprint  Second overall

2006 Loton Park            Second overall

2008 Prescott               Second handicap

2009 Shelsley Walsh    First   handicap

2010 Prescott                 Second handicap

2011 Wiscombe Park    Second overall

2012 Curborough speed trial   Team winner     

2013 Prescott                   Second handicap

2013 Wiscombe  Park      First overall

2014 Goodwood Sprint     First handicap

2014 Wiscombe Park       First in class

2015 Prescott                 Second overall

2017 Wiscombe Park       First overall



Alvis Firebird 1934 – 1936

1842cc overhead valve

Wheelbase 9’ 10 ½”

55 bhp at 4250 rpm

Top Speed 71 mph

Originally a rather heavy sports touring or saloon model – and with only 1842cc it was probably asking a lot for this car to have exciting performance. Only 449 Firebirds were produced over 2 seasons

Alvis Speed 25 1936 – 1940 in SB and SC forms

3571cc overhead valve

Wheelbase 10’ 4”

106 bhp at 3800 rpm

Top Speed 97 mph

The Speed 25 was a luxury model with a strengthened newly designed 6-cylinder engine with 7 main bearings. Top speed of the standard models was 100mph, with 110bhp at a leisurely 3800rpm. All bodywork was out sourced mainly to four different coachbuilders, namely Cross & Eliis, Lancefield, Charlesworth and Vanden Plas. Production run was 198.

By late 1939 Alvis turned to manufacturing to assist the War effort.


Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 89 years old and sold as a collector item and not as an optimum means of transport. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car.



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