1922 Salmson AL22 Sports 2-seater

Transmission: 3 speed Manual

Engine Number: 6370

Colour: Blue

1922 Salmson AL22 Sports two seater with staggered seating

Film : ENGINE START UP  - drives well, stops well, steers well, lights all work, dynamo charges, and the clock keeps good time! :-


The car is taxed and running on the road and drives very nicely.       A lovely Light Car !

1100cc, 4 cylinder, 3 speed. A well known car built up from original parts with a new body

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Dashboard originally supplied by the French garage in Le Havre :

"Grand Garage de la Bourse - M LEON MOLON - Le Havre - Telefon 1-55"

Owned since 2001

The option of a spare engine and gearbox is available

Originally listed as

"Fitted with electric lighting outfit, self starter, speedometer, clock, revolution counter, 5 detachable wheels and tyres, wind screen at £320"


Salmson France also built GN cyclecars under licence from GN



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