1925 Alvis 12/50 Ducksback - SOLD - to JAPAN

Transmission: 4-Speed Manual

Chassis Number: 3792

NOW SOLD & off to Japan -

1925 Alvis 12/50 Ducksback TF 1496cc - see 77 photographs

Fully restored - Top class restoration - Show me a better example

Please see 50 second YOU TUBE 360 degree walk round film of the car running https://youtu.be/Tm7iwZAt5PU 

Recently re-imported after 95 years abroad

Bills and history file back to 1975

Records show this Alvis Ducksback left the factory on the 9th December 1925, and first registered in 1926 in Australia, with coachwork by Carbodies of Coventry

Restoration commenced in 2002, and was finally finished in 2017, including:

New crankshaft

New Conrods

New Arias Pistons

New valves, pushrods, rocker arms, timing gears.

Lightened aluminium clutch – easy & faster gear change

Double capacity oil pump with new drive gears

Improved camshaft

Twin side draught Solex carburettors

Gearbox – all new bearings and a brand new set of Needham gears

Rear axle overhauled – higher 3.5:1 final drive (4.77:1 standard ratio)

Wheels 23” - rebuilt

Original springs - reset

Shock absorbers – doubled front and rear – see photos

Brake shoes – new, all round, in aluminium

Brake Drums – new, all round

King Pins – new

Springs Shackles – new all round

Instruments & CAV lighting – all correct and fully reconditioned except rev counter not connected

Driving lights– foot pedal switch modification

Side light upgrade –sporting Atlantic bulls-eye models fitted

Starter motor – restored

Dynamo – restored

Wiring – new throughout

Radiator core – new

Timber body frame – new

Spare wheel bracket – additional support strengthening to body

Panelling – Top Australian fabricator Steve Bodrog created this most perfect bodywork in polished aluminium also creating all concealed rivets in the D-mouldings flowing across the car.  Bills for AUS $38500 (£21,000 today's exchange rate)

Paint, upholstery and hood – all new, with dark green flowing wings, created by Brisbane restoration company Sleeping Beauties. (Side screens were not a feature of the Ducksback model)

This car is a joy to drive, with easy and quiet gear selection and comfortable ride.

Concours d’Elegance 2021 2nd place at VSCC Oulton Park : first place was lost only because a plug lead had come lose at the time of judging !

I believe it would be difficult to source a Ducksback 12/50 Alvis in better condition inside and out - top to bottom and underneath.

This car is as clean as you would ever expect to find – see chassis photographs.

Come and see it – it is here in the New Forest ready to drive




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