1925 Bentley 3-Litre Gurney Nutting SOLD

1925 W O Bentley 3-litre Four-Seat Tourer by Gurney Nutting  SOLD

Totally matching numbers including body & registration number. Rare. Blue Label W O Bentley

Recent £25,993 improvement expenditure

Retains original coachwork, along with most of its other numbered parts : Gearbox, Steering Box, Back Axle, Bonnet.

Built in three main specifications, all with 5-year warranties, the 3-litre WO Bentley was offered as a Blue Label, Red Label and Speed variants, and the rarer but tuned Green Label carried a 12 month warranty.

Introduced at the 1919 London Motor Show, the first 3-litre customer took delivery in September 1921.  From the end of 1925 the three litre ran alongside the 4 ½-litre until production ceased in 1929. All in all 1088 three litre cars were built, this car being number 930, delivered in February 1925 with Gurney Nutting Four Seat Tourer coachwork.

At a time when the side valve engine was particularly prevalent, the 3-litre Bentley featured a rather advanced 4-cylinder engine - actually designed by Clive Gallop - with 4 valves per cylinder, an overhead camshaft and dry-sump lubrication - important features to marketing people of modern cars even today.  

This Blue Label standard variant has a 10’10” wheelbase which provides a very comfortable ride on today’s roads, especially on 6.00 x 20” tyres, the engine providing brisk performance, well able to cope with modern conditions.

Chassis 930 spent a number of years in America from 1956, having previously been owned in 1948 by none other than Dorset Aston Martin specialist Captain Ivan Forshaw. This car came back to the UK in 2014 and was subsequently purchased by existing clients of mine in Austria.



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