1927 Alvis 12/50 Woodie Shooting Brake - NOW SOLD

1927 Alvis 12/50 TG Woodie Shooting Brake – registered 19th April 1928

NOW SOLD to international buyer (February 2024)

With just 4 owners from new, this fabulous immaculate 12/50 Alvis was professionally converted in the 1930s by coachbuilders W & F Thorn of 19 Great Portland Street, London W1, established in 1824.

At the time of the 1930s conversion the owner of this Cross & Ellis tourer was the Master of a Shropshire Hunt, who required a Shooting Brake or Station Wagon in the course of his business activity.  

Of course today Alvis enthusiasts experience an excellent spare parts supply and enjoy second to none club support which has meant that the 12/50 has been continually loved by vintage car enthusiasts for decades.

In 2023 some £10,000 of work has been carried out on this immaculate 12/50 Alvis – not accounting for the owner’s labour time.

A professionally bound photographic restoration record book accompanies this car.

Work includes a new clutch fitted to the recent lighter weight aluminium flywheel, making for much improved quicker gear changes

All four drum brakes were restored

Fuel tank restored

Bronze Solex carburettor rebuilt

Oils in Engine, gearbox and axle changed

New green leather upholstery with all new carpets

Bonnet repainted green

New engine hoses

New Alvis club exhaust manifold

New electric radiator fan

All woodwork remains in excellent condition

Equipped with all-round power saving LED lighting as you see in the photographs – even orange indicators built into the front wing side-lights  (reflected orange on the front wing)

Understood to have been purchased remarkably as late as 1971 from the original owner by well known ‘Alvistis’ Tony and Eileen Leech – he then undertook a comprehensive restoration, using it ultimately for his business, touring and camping holidays.

In June 2000 this car was invited to be shown at the Louis Vuitton Classic at the London Hurlingham Club Concours d’Elegance, mixing with some very well known car collectors from all over the world, sharing the ‘Veuve Clicquot celebration of Station Wagons class’ with a Phantom II, Delahaye, Victor Gauntlett’s Allard, a Humber Super Snipe and a 1962 Morris Mini Traveller! The programme for this event comes with the car.

The next owner before the present 4th owner from new was a Mr D P Tourle of West Sussex in 2016


The Alvis Car & Engineering Company of Coventry, Warwickshire was founded as T G John Ltd in 1919 - quite late in terms of car manufacturers commencing business in 1920 with the 10/30, by marine and aero engineer T G John, becoming the Alvis Car and Engineering Company in 1921.

By 1928 around 6000 Alvis cars had been built. John was joined by chief engineer Capt G T Smith-Clarke from Daimler, who with W M Dunn created their mainstay vintage period Alvis 12/50 model in 1923 up to 1932.

 Along with other manufacturers of the period, Alvis made most of their parts in-house, including their engines, bodywork left to coachbuilders such as Cross and Ellis. Alvis used the higher quality tensile steel, keeping overall weight as low as possible which helped to equip their cars with above average brisk performance and longevity. Engine capacity steadily increased from the initial 1496cc to 1598cc, with the TE and TG models at 1645cc, these longer stroke 110 by 69mm 1645cc motors devised for more luxurious touring – ideal for improved torque for this Woodie Shooting Brake 12/50 offered for sale here today.

Will it fit in my garage?

9’ 4 ½” Wheelbase

4’1” Track

12’ 7” Length (Tourer example)

4’ 11 ½” Width (Tourer example)

Tyres fitted : Blockley 4.75 / 5.00 Six-Ply 20” tyres

(Standard tyre specification was 5.00 x 20”)


Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 97 years old and sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car.

SOLD to international buyer


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