1927 Vauxhall 6-litre Stutz Bearcat Engined Special : 70mph @ 1850rpm - NOW SOLD

1922/27 Vauxhall 6-litre Stutz Bearcat Special - NOW SOLD

Truly AMAZING TORQUE ... 1850 rpm = 70mph indicated.

Tall 2.7 : 1 axle ratio...

See Video 1 : start up and drive off :-  https://youtu.be/WbaOahiyV9k  12 second film

See Video 2 : on the movehttps://youtu.be/v5A51f-49wM    12 second film

All components classified as Vintage – pre Dec 31st 1930

Built by the engineer trained owner who has now built an even more powerful straight-8 supercharged 1930s special.....


ENGINE is a 6-litre c1922 Stutz Bearcat, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, T-head

Single Stromberg carburettor. Serviced.

8 spark plug dual ignition with twin exhaust valves per cylinder – hence lovely 8 pipe exhaust manifold…

GEARBOX: Phantom II Rolls-Royce

FRONT AXLE: Bianchi, Perrot, for much improved braking

REAR AXLE: Vauxhall – new crown wheel, pinion and half shafts

Huge tall 2.7 : 1 axle ratio and lazy engine = massive torque…the height of the biggest UK mountain !

EFFORTLESS SPEED: An indicated 70mph is a mere 1850 rpm…

STEERING: Vauxhall steering box

BODY: Aluminium over ash frame in the style of a Vauxhall 30-98. New tonneau. New foot plates either side for easy access

RADIATOR : Vauxhall 30-98 radiator shell with new radiator core

CHASSIS: Vauxhall 14/40 chassis – the 14/40 chassis is well known for use in building Specials

CONSTRUCTED: Circa 18 years ago by the last owner.  Storms up VSCC Prescott, VSCC Shelsley, and around VSCC Curborough, various driving tests and autosolos, & mild effort required at VSCC Madresfield. Also displayed at many VSCC events and at the Birmingham NEC Classic Motor Show.

FUEL CONSUMPTION: About the same or better than a 30-98 at up to 20mpg…

PURCHASE PLAN: How much fun can a press-on vintage motorist have in a weekend?

Asking price is MUCH LESS than a moderately valued Vauxhall 30-98 of course

Effortless cruising, easy decision to purchase.

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Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 102 years old and sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car.



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