1928 Humber £1600 PROJECT : 9/20 plus a 9/28 Chassis and Running Gear with V5C Registration

1928 Humber £1600 PROJECT : 9/20 plus a 9/28 Chassis and Running Gear with V5C Registration


Vintage HUMBER PROJECT - with current 4 -page V5C

IDEAL ENTRY INTO VINTAGE MOTORING - maybe suit young enthusiast on a budget.

I have known the VSCC member owner for nearly 40 years - this project languishing in the owner's hands for 50 years now - started but in no way finished - while he forged a successful career in vintage car restoration, clearly with no time for his own restoration! Less expensive than a Austin Seven project

Current ownership since 1970 - selling as one package.


1929/30 Humber 9/28 chassis with running gear - no engine or gearbox - suggest Model A Ford engine - this will make it go!

Humber 9/28 Dimensions : Wheelbase : 8’6”, Track 4’0 ½”, if with body the overall length would be 12’0”



THE OTHER HUMBER 9/20 CHASSIS :- 1925/8 Humber 9/20 chassis - as mounted on the shortened chassis, no engine or gearbox. Suggest Ford Model A engine!

Both 9/28 axles are at present fitted to the 9/20 chassis along with a 9/28 steering box and pedal unit.

The chassis was shortened some 50 years ago as a potential trials car by the owner while he was working as an apprentice at Crosthwaite & Gardiner. He mentions there is a slight twist on the 9/20’s left dumb iron.

Humber 9/20  Dimensions are shortened for this example for sale...

Dimensions are normally the same as a 9/28 except for 6" more in overall length on a standard 9/20

Wheelbase : 8’6”,  Track 4’0 ½”

If with body the overall length would be 12’6”.

These Humbers celebrate 50 golden years together in the current ownership!

Many other Humber parts also available to suit any proposed project

For sale as one lot just off M4 / M5 area



Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this project. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 96 years old and sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the project.



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