1928 Lagonda 2-litre High Chassis Tourer - NOW SOLD - original body. FABULOUS!

1928 Lagonda 2-Litre High Speed Model Chassis Tourer

NOW sold 3/7/23

This is THE most wonderful vintage car – you will not be disappointed if you come to inspect this car…

Adjusted and fettled for low down torque performance by the engineer trained owner, this car performs without fuss at surprisingly low revs, accelerating like a car of greater capacity than 2-litres…

…I am most impressed by this truly fabulous car. In my opinion this is THE most lovely vintage car. There is no scuttle shake. The car is comfortable. The engine has torque. The condition is superb, although not concours. The engineer-owner has looked after every need this car has ever wanted, all work fully accounted for & documented.

…the ONLY reason for the sale is that the owner has two replacement hips and his passenger is also finding that it is becoming more difficult to access and egress from this fine car – and they now seek another vintage or early PVT tourer or saloon with a wider access door(s)


Meticulously maintained since purchase in 1997, it was the late Peter Whenman of Vintage Coachworks at Hartley Wintney – Lagonda specialists - that described this actual car as one of the very best 5 original High Chassis Tourers in the world. Indeed, so original is the car that he would use this car for measurements to ensure that his restorations were spot-on correct.

Originally restored by Tony Brandon over a long period from 1967-91 who had good contacts with Petter who took over the workshops of the Lagonda factory. He managed to find an ex-Lagonda trimmer - John Andrews - to retrim the leather interior to this car

The fabric covered original T1 body is described as being in excellent condition, complete with side screens and recently replaced hood and twin tonneau covers, front and rear.

All maintenance work is documented by the present owner from 1997 and include new Alfin front brake drums, full flow oil filtration, new cylinder head in 2002 with bigger inlet valves and springs, new piston rings, new rear brake drums and linings, new voltage regulator with 3rd brush removed (electrical engineer owner), new hood and both tonneau, hood frame powder coated, clutch relined, magneto rewound, gearbox rebuilt with new first gear in 2020. Even the central lubrication points - as shown - are in full working order.

Featured in the Lagonda book by Richard Bird in 1992 on page 27 - as seen here

The owner’s observations are that for a tall driver it is still possible to look through the windscreen rather than over the top, not possible with the later low chassis models. In the last 2 years he has altered the throttle pedal to the right hand side making it possible for pain-free driving due to his recent hip replacement as his right foot is no longer twisted stretching to the left. It is possible to revert to central throttle position if desired. The Hobson petrol Telegauge indicator has also been restored to work electrically rather than by the highly toxic original liquid operation.

Of all the car clubs the owner has enjoyed over the years, the Lagonda Club has been enjoyed more than any other - offering a family of friendly enthusiasts, dedicated to the marque.

In the words of the Chairman of the Lagonda Club – “This Lagonda is a really good original car, and in the event of a total loss, it would be very difficult to find a replacement of equal quality.”

I could not agree more -

Viewing thoroughly recommended.

Please enquire - compared with cars of greater capacity - and expense ! - this car is underated & good value


Lagonda history and detail

Designed by Arthur Davidson, the 2-litre 'four' featured twin camshafts, mounted high in the block, operating inclined valves in hemispherical combustion chambers. Power output of this advanced design was a highly respectable 60bhp. The Speed Model had resulted from the factory's Le Mans effort of 1928, when the 2-Litre 'high chassis' driven by Andre D'Erlanger and Douglas Hawkes had finished 11th overall in the 24-Hour endurance classic.

Will this car fit on my garage?

Length : 13’ 6”

Width : 5’ 8”

Wheelbase : 10’

Track : 4’ 6”


1954cc four cylinder

Bore 72mm

Stroke 120mm

Valves : OHV

Carburettor : Zenith

Compressions : 145psi recently


Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 95 years old and sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car.

Please enquire - compared with cars of greater capacity - and expense ! - this car is underated & good value


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