1936 Lagonda LG45 Tourer - all owners known from new

Colour: Green

1936 Lagonda LG45 Tourer - Sanction 3 engine with Sanction 4 head - for improved performance and smoother running


This car drives superbly - excellent performance - fabulous gearbox - steers nicely - impressive brakes


Engine has :-

New crankshaft

New con rods

New pistons

Fast Road Cam

General :-

New wiring

New king pins

New brake drums

Well maintained car including full engine rebuild

One of THE 1930s fast tourers to have - correct Sanction 3 engine with Sanction 4 cylinder head for improved performance

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Chief engineer none other than WO Bentley of course.

Owned and professionally maintained by a Lagonda specialist for the past 15 years since 2003

14192 miles since 1966.   4000 miles in the present ownership since 2004

Just professionally valeted

A lovely comfortable long distance car which has been driven to Le Mans and back for the 70th anniversary of the Le Mans win in 1935

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Engine just rebuilt, new pistons - currently running in

2 brand new magnetos fitted

New wiring loom fitted

Brand new SU fuel pumps

Brand new battery

Brakes totally rebuilt

Seat belts fitted to rear

Recently fitted rear and front indicators in addition to Trafficators which work as shown

Quite the luxury pre-war fast tourer... 4  1/2 litre six-cylinder Meadows engine - with the sought after Sanction 3 engine

Anything to do?  Original rear upholstery still serviceable but it may be renewed by the new owner - the choice is there.

 ALL OWNERS KNOWN FROM 1937 to the present date listed here :-

1/11/37 Ian Dumdas Orr of Lavneder Cottage, Popps Lane, Cooden, Bexhill on Sea

7/5/47 John Halifax Weller-Poley of 23 Beecham Place, London SW1

29/1/48 John Halifax Weller-Poley now of Colchester, Essex

10/7/52 Sidney Lawrence Stott, of Loughton, Essex

13/9/52 Sidney Lawrence Stott, now of Little Hadham, Herts

3/6/54 H A Saunders Ltd, 326/330 Euston Road, London NW1

13/8/54 Alexander James Waddel Robertson Coupar, 1 Bank Street, Dundee, Scotland

11/7/59 John Dale Huffington, Hamilton St, Barnhill, Dundee, Scotland

20/12 64 John Dale Huffington sold car to Mr Lees for £100.

10/2/65 David Logan Lees of Inverresk, MidLothian, Scotland

27/11/66 David Logan Lees exported the car to Sydney Australia. 7069 miles

18/9/70 David Logan Lees re-imported car back to UK to Liverpool from Australia

4/11/83 David Logan Lees correspondence re registration number

20/3/90 Known to be in Preston (MOT) – therefore Clifford George Walmsley – letter on file

9/6/91 Car shown at Louis Vuitton Concours Hurlingham Club. (Sunday Telegraph)

24/4/92 Clifford George Walmsley of Preston sold the car to Russel Wilson-Kitchen

25/5/96 Owner Russel Wilson-Kitchen died. Estate valued the car at £35,000

26/9/96 Car given to motoring journalist Brian James Palmer by Russel Wilson-Kitchen

4/12/03 – The present owner to date


MOT REPORTS, mileages and locations

DATE               MILEAGE         LOCATION OF MOT

1/6/18             21261              (MOT not required)

27/7/11           20033              Lymington Hampshire - present owner

20/7/09           19533              Lymington Hampshire - present owner

16/7/08           19200              Lymington Hampshire - present owner

 1/7/08             Declared Off Road - present owner

29/6/07           18935              Lymington Hampshire - present owner

13/6/06           18606              Lymington Hampshire - present owner

9/6/05             17781              Lymington Hampshire - present owner

5/12/03           17242              London W10 - present owner

17/8/02           16830             London SE23 – Brian Palmer

1/8/01             -                       London SE23 – Brian Palmer

28/9/99           13672             London SE23 – Brian Palmer

22/9/98           12890             London SE23 – Brian Palmer

25/9/97           12689              London SE22 – Brian Palmer

11/9/96           12450              London SE22 – Brian Palmer

10/8/95           12320              London SE23 - Russel Wilson-Kitchen

21/7/94           11702              London SE23 - Russel Wilson-Kitchen

12/3/91           10571               Preston Lancashire - Clifford George Walmsley

20/3/90           9923               Preston Lancashire - Clifford George Walmsley

27/5/87           9671                 Co Durham - David Logan Lees

8/5/85             9368                Darlington, Co Durham - David Logan Lees

27/11/66         7069                 Enters Sydney Australia - David Logan Lees

Registered 1 September 1936




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