1951 Jaguar C-type FIA 160mph Championship winner. Race & Road Registered. Tool room copy with original blue prints

1951 Jaguar C-type FIA DRUM BRAKE Championship Winner


See this car move on my You Tube channel : https://youtu.be/5vVi9Dn6Sy0  - during lock-down 2021 the only event open was a Sprint at Bicester Heritage  

This is a serious 3.4-litre FIA registered competing C-Type Jaguar - also eligible for many many invitation and club events - see below

Road Registered - Swansea V5C registration

MOT in 2021 - no advisories - car driven to and from the MoT - staggeringly QUICK ROAD & RACE car ----> possible 160mph with the right gearing installed <----

Featured in June 2017 Octane magazine

The owner states in the light of the recent drama by the factory over C-type Jaguars : "My car can never be criticised or banned since JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) asked me to race it at Le Mans in the Jaguar Classic... twice.  JLR have already said that any car that was built as a single enterprise and not for profit is safe. Mine more so as the MD of Jaguar Cars gave the blueprints specifically to build my car."

Fresh engine less than 100 miles

Complete with numerous spares

Includes ORIGINAL Works Jaguar blue print drawings dating back to 1945...

1 ) of many key points : Why retrofit a standard production original 1953 disc brake C type with drum brakes when you can race this drum braked car for monumentally significantly less?

2) the second of many key points : This drum brake car will win class championships easily but as a disc brake car you are up against D-Types, Lister Knobblys, and all other quick disc brake cars. Our car is as quick in a straight line but we have to brake earlier  which means we can't win. As a drum brake car this car will win silverware in the right hands...

This is a 160mph car.


Rebuilt Sigma Engineering 3.4 engine on sandcast twin SUs / Two spare rear axles Sprint & Endurance – Circuit ratio fitted) / Spare rebuilt Moss gearbox AND more - see below

Raced no expense spared for 3 seasons up to 2019 across Europe, competing at the world's finest and most prestigious race circuit events, including Silverstone, Donington, Brands Hatch, Thruxton, Spa, Le Mans, Portimao

Winner of the 2017 drum brake Motor Racing Legends RAC Woodcote Trophy Class Championship, notching up numerous wins and podium finishes.

Never damaged but just some delightful racing patina showing race use.

Full FIA/HTP papers to 2025 – therefore as accurate as can be to the original Browns Lane drawings also included with this car.

This car conforms strictly to period specification for the Motor Racing Legends Championship

Eligible also to participate in just about any historic motorsport event

She has just been fitted with a completely rebuilt Motorsport UK-sealed Peter Lander Sigma Engineering race engine at Gillingham Dorset, plus a rebuilt gearbox, Rebuilt differential

New brakes and tyres, making her completely race-ready.

Alongside the Browns Lane Chassis drawings, she comes accompanied with


Sigma Engineering engine - freshly rebuilt MotorSport UK sealed

Gearbox - spare rebuilt

Differentials - 2 additional rebuilt (Sprint / Endurance) Circuit diff currently fitted

Alloy rim wheels on new Dunlop R5 tyres

Brake shoes – new - numerous

Dynamo - spare

Starter motor - spare

Leather seats - 2 retrimmed

Roll cage - detachable

PPW76 is race ready, subject to possible fine adjustments chosen to suit the new owner

The build started in 1980 by Chassis builder and former partner in Emerson Racing Cars Cyril Lynstone. This car was built from the original blueprints drawings from Jaguar Brown’s Lane. Not registered with FIA/HTP until 2014/5 but now to expire December 2025.



THIS CAR IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING at the time of publishing this advert :-

a) Motor Racing Legends - The Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy is for Sports Cars from the early Fifties including drum and disc brake classes. Entry is open to original sports cars and selected sports racers from post-War up-to and including December 1955 and all cars must conform strictly to period specification.

The Woodcote Trophy was created in 2006, when the Royal Automobile Club and Motor Racing Legends got together to launch a race series for genuine, pre-1956 sports-racers and this highly competitive race series is still going strong.

Races are held at all Motor Racing Legends fixtures. The format is usually an hour long for two drivers with a compulsory pit stop. This series has evolved into a highly competitive grid that is all about taking the flag, there is however still an expectation – as with all our grids – that driving standards remain ‘gentlemanly’ as well as competitive

These are some of the events that would suit this car:-

30 April – 1 May Donington Historic Festival

11 June – 12 June Thruxton Historic

16 July – 17 July Snetterton Historic 200

26 August – 28 August The Classic, Silverstone

30 Sept – 2 October Spa 6-hours

22 – 23 October Moto Racing Legends Silverstone GP Meeting

b) Motor Racing Legends - JAGUAR CLASSIC CHALLENGE – an exclusive Race Series for Pre-’66 Jaguar models

Motor Racing Legends are proud to have been appointed by Jaguar Classic at the start of the 2021 season to run the Jaguar Classic Challenge.

Open to Pre-‘66 E-types, C and D-types, and all XKs and Mk 1 and Mk 2 saloons – this highly regarded series, founded by Jaguar Classic in 2015, is looking towards its eighth season with renewed vigour as an integral part of Motor Racing Legends’ stable of historic race series. 

In 2021 we enjoyed five fabulous races, including the 60th Anniversary E-type race at the Classic Silverstone. This coming season will be just as exciting, with races at Donington Historic Festival, Thruxton Historic and MRL Silverstone GP Meeting.  And in response to huge demand, the series returns to Le Mans to support the Le Mans Classic once again.

30 April – 1 May 2022 Donington Historic Festival

11 June – 12 June 2022 Thruxton Historic

30 June – 4 July 2022 Jaguar Classic Challenge Le Mans Race

22 Oct – 23 October 2022 Motor Racing Legends Silverstone GP Meeting


FISCAR  The Fifties Sports Car Racing Club is specifically for GT and production cars that raced in period and are still prepared to the same specifications. Our cars race on period rubber and are close to the way they were in their day. We host races at some of the leading Club racing events in the UK calendar, notably "The Spring Start" with the VSCC and the Annual BDC meeting at Silverstone; the HSCC at Oulton Park, Brands GP and Silverstone GP; and the ever popular Castle Combe Autumn Classic.

See http://fiscar.org/eligible-cars 

Eligible Jaguars : - XK 120, C-Type (drum braked 3.4 on SUs only), XK140, XK 150/150S

SNETTERTON FISCAR RACE - 18TH APRIL 2022 Entry to the above race are now open. This is a FISCAR led race, and is a direct replacement, almost to the day, for the now moved VSCC Spring Start meeting.



The date for the 49th AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix 2022 12th August to 14th August 2022 at the Nürburgring

The AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix is one of the most traditional Oldtimer festivals in Europe and thus forms the climax of the historic motorsport season in Germany. With around 500 historic racing cars from the late 1920s to the early 1980s, it offers a journey through time through international motorsport history.


LE MANS CLASSIC - 6 grids – GRID 2 FOR 1949-56 includes the C-Type

30 JUNE - 3 JULY 2022 Le Mans Classic 2022 will be held from June 30th to July 3rd. Created in 2002 by Peter Auto, in association with the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, Le Mans Classic offers a formidable retrospective of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The event, acclaimed from its very first edition, has continued to grow and attracted over 195,000 spectators in 2018. It is the largest gathering of classic cars with 600 racing cars on the track and 8,500 classic cars displayed in the specially designed enclosures.


GOODWOOD REVIVAL – Friday 16th – Sunday 18th September 2022

Eligible - depends on the classes selected & invited to race.


MONACO HISTORIC WEEKEND  - Friday 13 May to Sunday 15 May 2022

Grand Prix and sports cars - a possibility depending on invited cars

The biannual Monaco Historic Grand Prix is usually held two weeks before the famous Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. The cars are collectibles dating from the pre-war era up to the 1980s, and have all taken part in international races. Major motor-racing names are all present and correct on the starting grid to provide an exceptional retrospective that includes Ferraris, Maseratis, Bugattis, Lotuses, Matras and more. But this is much more than just a show, with each car there to race in its category. Pre-war voiturettes, front- and rear-engined Grand Prix cars, sports cars, F1 and F2 models and more are divided into 7 or 8 series. These are then sub-divided into classes according to construction years and technical characteristics such as engine type. This is the kind of diversity befitting a major event.

Sir Stirling Moss persuaded Jaguar Team Manager Lofty England to transport the 1951 Le Mans winning Jaguar C-Type to Monaco to join the Sports Cars at the 1952 Monaco Grand Prix.


From  As from February 2021 :- now eligible for the new post war Historic class with the VSCC. Pre-1956 drum brake class in standard form...


 Jaguar C-type history

The C-type brought Jaguar its first victory in the Le Mans 24-hour race.  The XK120 had demonstrated its abilities in racing, by finishing twelfth in the 1950 Le Mans race driven by Leslie Johnson.  It was clear that the company had the makings of a world-beater, so chief engineer William Heynes set to work to create a competition version – the XK120C, or C-type, primarily to race at Le Mans.

Using the XK120’s proven engine, transmission and front suspension, Heynes devised a more rigid, lightweight tubular chassis.  This was fitted with a handsome wind-cheating aluminium body, designed by Malcolm Sayer, the ex-Bristol aerodynamicist.  The engine was tuned to 260 bhp, the brakes were improved, and the rear suspension now used transverse torsion bars.  The first cars were ready in the spring of 1951.

Almost immediately, three cars were entered at Le Mans.  During the race two cars retired but the third, driven by Peter Whitehead and Peter Walker, won at an average speed of 93 mph (150 km/h).  The C-type body was modified for the 1952 race, but all the team cars retired with cooling problems.  For the 1953 race Jaguar reverted to the original body design, albeit made of lighter gauge aluminium, and fitted the cars with the revolutionary Dunlop disc brakes.  The three cars entered finished first, second and fourth.  The winners, Tony Rolt and Duncan Hamilton, averaged a speed of over 100 mph (161 km/h) for the first time in the history of the Le Mans race.

Although the C-type was a hand-built machine, it was listed in Jaguar’s sales catalogue at a price of £2,327, and of the 53 cars built, 43 were sold to private owners.


Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with various components that are up to 71 years old and therefore sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car



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