1955 Dellow Mk IIb Shorrock Supercharged - SOLD

Transmission: 4-Speed Manual

Colour: Black

1955 Dellow Mk IIb Shorrock SUPERCHARGED Trials Car


Engine specification is particularly interesting and very effective:-

Ford 100e engine with Willment Overhead Valve conversion effectively making a crossflow-breathing engine and

Shorrock C75b belt driven Supercharger

4-speed gearbox Ford 105e (rebuilt) rather than the standard three speed

Ford 105e back axle

15" Bellamy wheels

Electronic ignition

Speedo and Rev counter rebuilt with very smart Dellow dial faces

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Many other mods include:-

Raised windscreen for the taller 6' 6" driver

Extra legroom for the 6' 6" driver - (these cars were originally not known for their legroom)

This is what Hagerty Insurance say about owning a Dellow - get close to nature! :-


You will read that the MkII is definitely the one to have !

Eligible for all sorts of events from MCC trials, one-day local club trials to winter marathon road events to historic hill-climbs such as Shelsley historic rally event - see https://www.hrcr.co.uk/event/shelsley-walsh/


Dellow Motors Ltd made cars from 1949 to 1956. Ken Delingpole and Ron Lowe produced enthusiast road going sports cars especially with the intention that they be used in hill climbs, rallies and trials – mainly MCC trials, being the MCC Exeter Trial every January on the first weekend after New Year, the MCC Lands End Trial at Easter and the MCC Edinburgh Trial held no-where near Edinburgh but in the Peak District of Derbyshire in early October each year.

See the 2018 MCC Events list here https://www.themotorcyclingclub.org.uk/?page_id=12

Famous competitors included Formula 1 ace Peter Collins and also 6 time hillclimb champion Tony Marsh.

Dellow used an A frame chassis and very light tubular steel as a framework which was then attached to the chassis. An aluminium panelling was then attached to the frame. Weight was directed to the rear of the car to assist with ascending trials hills.

There were five marks of Dellow, this being a MkIIb which had optional doors – made possible on the MkII by a much stronger rear chassis section - enabling doors to be fitted as on this car - and included separate telescopic shock absorbers, coil springs and a Panhard rod. (-13)




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