1955 Jaguar XK140 FHC - just restored - original RHD UK car : NOW SOLD

Mileage: 350

1955 JAGUAR XK140 FHC – chassis number 804510.


NO EXPENSE SPARED 8-YEAR RESTORATION – just completed. New MOT. Off the road 30 years. See the photo of the brand new front disc brake upgrade to the left here - this car is THAT new to being on the road again!

Just 4 documented owners in 68 years since 1955

One of only 738 UK market ORIGINAL RIGHT HAND DRIVE XK140 Fixed Head Coupes from new

First owner registered on 8th December 1955 to a Mr Andrew John J Roseby of Matlock.

Perhaps unusually he kept his very special car for just under 30 years until 20th February 1985. The second owner registered this car to Mr John Barry Pinkney of Sutton, Surrey on 20th October 1985. He kept the car for nearly 29 years until 3rd June 2014, but took this car off the road in December 1992.


At this point the car was NOT SEEN ON THE ROAD FOR A FURTHER 30 YEARS UNTIL 2023 - the third keeper keeping this car for only 5 months without facing up to the upcoming restoration - until our recently retired Doctor client purchased this car from TWYFORD MOORS classic Jaguar specialists and set about this NO EXPENSE SPARED 8-YEAR RESTORATION from the 4th November 2014 onwards, completing his fabulous restoration this year. (His hobby is restoring classic cars in his spare time and has rebuilt other cars)

IN SUMMARY - in 68 years from 1955 with just 4 owners:-

30 years – first owner

29 years – second owner. Taken off the road in December 1992

9 years – third and fourth owner, of which 30 years off the road, 1992 to 2023

68 years TOTAL age of car


8 YEAR RESTORATION – checked over by Twyford Moors with 200 miles completed by them:-


Engine totally rebuilt with all new timing chains, replaced 3.4 litre XJ6 con-rods, new damper, with the following balanced :- crankshaft, 3.4 XJ6 rods, new pistons, lightened flywheel, & new XJ6 clutch.

New Newman camshafts

New engine bearings, valves, valve guides & valve springs

Unleaded cylinder head, high output oil pump, oil filter upgrade.

Spin off oil filter conversion

Overdrive gearbox now fitted. Original will be supplied gearbox with the car



£3000 new Headlining

New leather upholstery in original light green



Total bodywork & paint respray in British Racing Green, as original, £28,000

Coopercraft Front disc brake upgrade

Chassis and wings treated with Dinitrol and 4 coats of black Hammerite

Bumpers re-chromed by SilvaBronz

All new adjustable Gaz shock absorbers fitted

Twin stainless exhaust system fitted – (no noticeable change to exhaust note)

Metalastic bushes fitted all-round

New tyres – set of Blockley radial tyres - as recommended by Twyford Moors



New hoses

New Enlarged Radiator

New larger cooling fan

New water pump

New cabin heater



SU carburettors overhauled

New fuel pump and all pipe work fitted



Rewired with AutoSparks new wiring loom

New 45 amp Alternator fitted, replacing the dynamo

High torque new modern starter motor fitted

Accuspark 123 ignition

Choke converted to electric

Instruments all overhauled by JDO instruments

Rear indicator conversion to orange flashers mounted under the bumpers



Minor jobs completed by Twyford Moors

Road tested by Twyford Moors


Laid down on 25th November 1955, despatched on 6th December 1955




The carefully planned turning point by William Lyons in Jaguar’s history came in 1948 at the Motor Show when the XK120 sports car was introduced together with the brand new 6-cylinder in line XK engine – destined to power Jaguars for the next 44 years until 1992. Introduced as a 3.4 litre, the engine line up across the Jaguar range came in various stages in smaller shorter block 2.4 to later 2.8 litre form - and the full sized block versions came in 3.4, 3.8 and 4.2 litre forms. Indeed, the XK engine went on to power no less than 5 Le Mans winners, as well as a whole range of both large and small saloons. XK suspension was independent at the front with semi elliptics at the rear

1955 saw the introduction of the XK140 with more room for taller drivers and now 190bhp as standard, 30bhp more than the XK120 – many regarding the 140 to be the ultimate of the XK models, the final XK150 of 1957 being something of an anti-climax being some 4 inches wider but the svelte looks of the 120 and 140 had been lost by then.

The XK140 was slightly faster at 130mph than the XK120’s 124mph, with a higher rear axle ratio of 3.54 :1 – raised from the 120’s 3.64:1. Fuel consumption was also lowered to 21.7mpg from 20mpg.

 Most XKs were exported mainly to the USA where they found a ready market – most notably, the first left hand drive XK120 in 1949 being sold to actor Clark Gable, panelled in the early days in aluminium, with another example sold to him in 1952


Length 14’8”

Width 5’ 1 ½”


Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 68 years old and sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car



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