1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet

Mileage: 111800

Transmission: Manual 6-speed

Colour: Polar Silver metallic blue

1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet 6-speed manual Variocam FOR SALE

First registered to the official importers, AFN Porsche in Chiswick, London on March 3rd 1994.

(Now Porsche Centre, West London at Chiswick)

Late model, currently owned for 14 years by a long term Porsche enthusiast

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£7,000 just spent with Porsche Byfleet as follows :-

Clutch and associated pivot shaft replaced

Cam belt and balance belt replaced

Engine seals replaced - to rectify engine oil leaks

Power steering cooler and associated hoses renewed - this was to rectify leak of power steering fluid

Water pump replaced and associated belts - one of those jobs whilst operating in that part of the engine bay              

Front anti roll bar bushes renewed

Wiper Linkage Arm replaced - drivers wiper was not as firm on the windscreen as desired

Coolant Header tank was replaced - small crack in the old one

New off side rear light cluster - a few hundred pounds!


Accident free, this Porsche 968 Cabriolet 3-litre VarioCam is a well-cared for and regularly serviced Porsche with paint care work just completed – all part of owning a 22 year old classic car. Well known driver's seat scuff  just professionally re-upholstered

CAR is LOCATED IN TEDDINGTON close to central London. Viewing by arrangement most days including daytime weekdays.

Polar Silver metallic with Linen grey leather, piped dark grey, and piped light grey carpet. Specified with the desirable 17” Cup alloy wheels upgrade. Recently renewed low profile 225 and 255/45ZR17 N3 Michelin tyres. MOT to 1 July 2018.

240bhp, 16 valve 3-litre 4 cylinder water cooled. Clear front indicator lens upgrade. Electrically operated hood in fine order. Drivers air bag. Hood cover. Original space saver spare wheel and air compressor. Sony Wide Bit Stream Radio / MD/CD Mini disc

Owned since 15th February 2002 at 71,000 miles - now at 111,870 miles - and therefore for a majority of its life by the current owner, this Porsche 968 Cabriolet has a fully stamped service history by the following official Porsche agents, and include Porsche specialists Charles Ivey and Camtune, the latter now the official agent, Porsche Byfleet:-

SERVICE HISTORY 1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet

AFN Porsche 6/4/94 @ 2815 miles

AFN Porsche 24/8/94 @ 9309 miles

AFN Porsche 8/2/96 @ 22038 miles

Lancaster Bow 11/3/97 @ 31,839 miles

Charles Ivey 28/4/98 @ 39,635 miles

Charles Ivey 1/4/99 @ 48,135 miles

Charles Ivey 27/7/00 @ 51,172 miles

Charles Ivey 22/10/01 @ 66,251 miles

Camtune, (now Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet) 27/9/02 @ 70,792 miles

Camtune (now Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet) 17/10/03 @ 75,950 miles

Camtune (now Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet) 13/10/04 @ 79,945 miles

Camtune (now Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet) 12/10/05 @ 84,408 miles

Camtune (now Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet) 18/11/06 @ 89,603 miles – new radiator & water pump, new rear discs & pads

Camtune (now Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet) 23/10/07 @ 93,969 miles. Wheels refurbished

Camtune (now Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet) 25/9/08 @ 98,032 miles – new front dampers

Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet (was Camtune) 27/8/10 @ 102,363 miles

Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet (was Camtune) 10/8/11 @ 103,738 miles NEW CAMBELT

Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet (was Camtune) 23/8/12 @ 105,473 miles

Porsche Service Centre, Brooklands, Byfleet (was Camtune) 2/8/16 @ 111,584 miles

Cam belt replaced three times, April 2017 , August 2011 at 103,738 miles, and previously in October 2005 at 84,408 miles by Camtune.

Oil, filter, and brake fluid change at 111,584 miles in August 2016

4 new Michelin low profile 225 and 255/45ZR17 N3 tyres fitted in April 2015, about 2000 miles ago.

The 17” Cup alloy wheels were refurbished at 93,000 miles in 2007

A new Hayward & Scott stainless steel exhaust system was fitted in November 2006 at 89,603 miles. See http://www.haywardandscott.com/porsche/968.html

Minus points to note are:  Wear to paint lacquer on boot lid lip where the lid is closed by hand. Small crack to dashboard by the hazard warning switch & also missing plastic ventilation direction knob (illustrated). Lacquer near fuel filler worn.

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Porsche 968 Cabriolet notes.

Launched in 1992, the 968 replaced the 944 (1982-91) and had roots back to the 924 (1976-88) which was the first Porsche powered by a water cooled front mounted engine. The engine is updated from the 944, now displacing 3-litres together with VarioCam variable valve timing, and now with a 6-speed gearbox. 4-pot Brembo brake callipers were used on all 4 wheels.

Of the 12776 made, only 2141 cabriolets were made for this side of the Atlantic, making it the rarest of 968 Porsches. Of the 93 Porsche 968 Cabriolets left in the UK, just 40 examples are reported to be taxed and in regular use today

Production of the 968 now commenced at the Porsche factory with the end of the contract with Audi to produce the previous 944 model



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