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5 cars sold in 3 weeks

20th Jul 2020

5 cars sold in 3 weeks nationally and internationally - Since the lock down we have been really busy selling cars on behalf of clients If you too would like a hassle free sale of your historic of vintage car, we offer an agreed commission sale price return to you and look forward to your enqu... Read More

Sales / sourcing Vintage Cars

30th Dec 2019

We specialise in the sale & sourcing  of  Vintage & Historic Cars, owning such cars since the mid-1970s. With time we've acquired a huge number of contacts over 45 years since then. (We even started the very first vintage and classic online car sales website in 2003, called www. Cl... Read More

Merry Xmas to all our visitors!

19th Dec 2019

Happy Christmas to all our visitors - after a very successful year selling historic and vintage cars all over the world - from Japan to Canada, Germany, Norway, Austria, France, Switzerland - and of course the UK. If you have a vintage, classic or historic car you would like to sell stress-free, ple... Read More

FORD v FERRARI film - close news to us

13th Nov 2019

FORD v FERRARI FILM ! Ford GT40 chsssis 1017 - EPR 525D - see photo - was entered at Le Mans 1966 by my father and his partner Colonel Ronnie Hoare's major couth coast Ford dealership F ENGLISH BOURNEMOUTH in 1966. Innes Ireleand seen here in the car Maranello Concessionaires, Ferrari UK - sister... Read More


5th Jun 2019

1915/16 Curtiss 8.2 litre V8 AERO ENGINE for sale Ideal to pep up your sluggish Edwardian chassis. See the engine running : Fit a 2:1 axle mated to a 2-speed gearbox and reduce your gear changing. Up to 350lbs feet of torque. Could be a 100+ mph car... Apply tod... Read More

2019 already a success!

5th Jan 2019

The first week of 2019 has produced 3 buyers to proceed with purchases, one car off to Japan on Monday... 2019 is already going better than ever expected with the uncertainties ahead of us. If you are thinking of selling your classic or vintage car, please contact me. I have 41 years experience i... Read More

Vauxhall Stutz Bearcat proves a hit

19th Nov 2018

The mighty 6-litre Stutz Bearcat engined vintage Vauxhall is proving to be a big draw - hear it running on this 20 second film : 2200 rpm = actual 82 mph so probably 85 indicated... enough for most people ! Read More


7th Oct 2018

2018 has been by far the busiest year finding new owners for classic historic and vintage cars worldwide, cars going to Europe and North America as well as the home market. With 40 years of the business, if you have a collector's car you would like to sell to a worldwide audience - I would like the... Read More