1925 Delage 3.2 litre 6-cylinder Supercharged DM / DI Special NOW SOLD

1925/7 Supercharged Delage DM / DI 3.2-litre 6-cylinder Special - NOW SOLD

1) Film of engine running from the driver's seat : https://youtu.be/ULofmoqRaKA

2) Film of Engine running - in the engine bay - Roots Cabin Supercharger - twin carburettors : https://youtu.be/weWK5oggzYk

3) Film tour around the car - engine running https://youtu.be/IUFD_GfIET0

Visually a close copy of the 1925 supercharged V12 Delage 2LCV Grand Prix race car although the twin nearside exhaust is actually a single positioned on the offside of our advertised car

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The body - made by Mick Sharpe of Derby - one of the best vintage coachbuilders today - includes a full length undertray and the special copper edging around the cockpit.

This car is also registered for road use.

Most mechanical parts are 1925 Delage DI, except the engine and gearbox which are 1927 Delage DM (6 cyl, 3.2 litre) with a Marshall supercharger.


Based on a kit of parts my client acquired from various sources in 2006/7. Construction was completed in 2012 - the owner has since successfully competed with this very attractive car at a few hill climbs and sprints since then.

VSCC member Ian Ferguson assembled the original mechanical work up to rolling chassis stage, and then ERA expert James Ricketts took it from there, understanding the supercharging and development. The owner states that "the engine was partially stripped just over a year ago and professionally checked by James Ricketts this year, the owner also confirming the engine is good to go for the next custodian. He confirms there is a spare wheel, a Delage handbook, and a quantity of invoices; a tonneau cover and timing strut are under the passenger seat; a wheel removal tool and various spares, etc under the driver's seat, and everything is in full working order."



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