1935 Frazer Nash TT Rep : SOLD

Colour: Green

1935 Frazer Nash TT Rep Replica


Clean / Fresh / Recently Restored

Well known car, having participated in events over many years including the raids to Sicily and Slovenia. See 2011 Sicily raid photo

The car is freshly restored and improved with the addition of a rebuilt and fresh Meadows engine to fast road spec by Jeremy Brewster.

Recent £63,064.47 restoration

I have recently driven 200 miles in this fabulous car with no issues, two up.

Many club events for competitions for these cars

Accepted by the VSCC and Frazer Nash Car Club. See https://www.frazernash.co.uk/index.php?idPage=1

FRESHLY REBUILT, with top quality respray to brand new louvred bonnet and front wings

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New £39,850 Meadows engine professionally built from scratch to fast road specification

ORIGINAL Crankcase

NEW Crankshaft

NEW Con Rods

NEW Pistons

NEW Twin Port Deflector Cylinder Head

NEW Cylinder Block

NEW Camshaft

NEW Rockers

Special features :-

NEW Water pump

NEW Borg and Beck modern Clutch - light as a feather

NEW Distributor conversion

NEW Dual SU fuel pumps

NEW Two side mounted spare wheels

Jacking points so that the under tray does not need removing

Twin Port Deflector head - also makes a great noise when you put your foot down

All the above make for good reliable long distance touring

Complete with new hood frame and new mohair hood

Genuine front axle now fitted

Brand new louvred bonnet - copied directly from an original TT Rep

Excellent pre-war VSCC fun car to drive - keeps up with modern traffic on A and B roads


As a comparison : £326,300 is a staggering sum achieved for this original 1932 Frazer Nash TT Replica...Ex-Works, H J Aldington, Philip Jucker https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22729/lot/10/?category=list&length=10&page=1 on 6 Dec 2015, at the London annual Bonhams Bond Street Motor Car Sale*At well under 1/2 this price - we offer a car which could be yours !



A constructed car a few years ago now, purchased without an engine but - now with a new to the car brand new Meadows engine fitted today, complete with added water pump and electric cooling fans.VSCC Buff Eligibility Approved and Frazer Nash Car club approved

Genuine front axle now fitted

Higher 3.5:1 Final Drive than the standard 3.8:1

A small number of re-constructed cars have also been made since the factory closed and these are based on original components, usually salvaged from crashed original cars. Although these cars do not carry a factory chassis number, they are usually identical to original cars in every respect. Because the factory did not stamp numbers onto the chassis it is often impossible to trace the history of such cars. This example of a TT Replica, is such a car.

Understood reconstructed in the early 1980s, it is thought that part of the chassis was salvaged from a crashed car and made good with one new chassis rail. The car is built to the long chassis standard and looks stunning. It has many original components including front axle, radius arms, suspension and chain-drive parts.

YXG 840 has been well known in the Frazer Nash Club for many years, having participated in many events and raids including the Raids to Sicily and to Slovenia under the ownership of Club member, Tony Leedal. In recent years, however, the car had become rather tired and shabby and so when the current owner bought it from Tony in 2016, he decided on a thorough restoration. The main thing to consider was the engine. The car had originally been constructed with a BMW engine and although several cars had gone down this route, this was never a standard option as only one BMW example was factory made. He decided to seek out an original Meadows engine and with the help of Jeremy Brewster of the competition preparation business, Brewster Mudie, found a suitable engine in need of a complete rebuild.The engine was rebuilt with both performance and reliability in mind. A new billet steel crankshaft to Jeremy’s unique design was sourced. Designed for better balance, this was coupled with new con-rods and pistons. At the top-end, a rare twin-port, deflector cylinder head was obtained from Club Registrar/Archivist, Winston Teague. This is fed from a pair of magnificent “wine glass” bronze-bodied SU carbs. The camshaft is to fast road specification and the valve gear incorporates the latest mods using TR rocker gear. To improve reliability, a Borg and Beck clutch has been installed and the magneto has a distributor conversion fitted. The car also has two fuel pumps and two spare wheels.The transmission was checked over and found to be in very good condition. Sprockets were re-aligned, all greased and new chains were fitted. Photos show the luggage area, the tool box and jack area are neatly concealed below it, with the transmission & chains below that. A very workmanlike arrangement. You can also see the extra cross strut installed with the under tray to allow jacking without removing the under tray... very neat yes?

Attention now turned to the bodywork. The ash frame was checked thoroughly and found to be in sound condition. Most of the original panels were in good condition but the bonnet was in need of complete replacement, having bulges and vents that had been designed around the original BMW engine. Well known coachbuilder, Hugh Murray was commissioned to make a new bonnet to original specification. Particular attention was given to the louvres and a louvre tool with the correct profile and spacing was obtained in order to create the right effect. The car was then fitted with new inner -rear wheel arches and a new undertray with jacking points incorporated. New rear valances were fitted with indicators for safety. The car was then sent to renowned paint shop, Haslams of Bolton who brought the car up to the fine condition that it is in today. It has a tonneau cover and, unusual for a Nash, a hood frame and hood.Finally 6 new Blockley tyres were fitted and the brakes, steering and suspension were all tested and set up correctly in a series of road tests.This is a well-rounded and reliable pre-war sports car which is equally at home on both the road and track.

With its VSCC Buff Form (“Modified” because of the clutch), it is eligible to compete in a variety of Vintage Sports Car Club speed events or trials as well as the many endurance rally events in the UK, Europe and USA. It will, of course, be welcomed once again to participate in the many ‘Raids’ and events organised by The Frazer Nash Car Club.With the 25 original factory cars now commanding huge sums - see Bonhams link above - this re-constructed car is good value as it qualifies for all the Nash events you could want to do



Introduced in March 1932, the Frazer Nash TT Replica, as the name suggests, replicated the cars entered for the 1931 Tourist Trophy Race. Only 85 TT Replicas were made, of which only 54 had Meadows engines - and as with all chain-drive Nashes, there were various engine/body options available. The most popular was undoubtedly the four-cylinder Meadows engine with two-seater coachwork and two chassis lengths. Initially the chassis was 8ft 6inches, but in 1935 after the 6 cylinder Blackburne engine was introduced, it was felt that the longer chassis improved handling and so most cars were built with a 9ft wheelbase, regardless of engine type. The high-revving four-cylinder Meadows engine was set well back from the front axle allowing for sharp turn in and handling matched by a blistering performance due to the low weight. The narrow rear wheel track and fixed axle make for spirited cornering. The bodies are one of the prettiest designs of the 1930s. The overall package is a car with an incredible stance that looks fast even when stationary. The real beauty, of course, is that the looks are matched by the performance.With the superb power to weight ratio and sharp handling, the overall package was a huge success. In the hands of drivers, such as Fane and Aldington, together with successful privateer racers, the TT Replicas proved almost unbeatable in their class in both racing and, most famously, on numerous Alpine Trials.With The Frazer Nash Car Club going from strength to strength and the cars going quicker and quicker, the “TT Reps” continue to prove themselves to this day. The overall package of a sublimely good-looking car with performance to match is unbeatable. Of the 85 TT Replicas produced, 54 were powered by Meadows engines and it is thought that only around 25 cars survive with original coachwork and thus are highly sought after by those in the know and are commanding seriously high prices.



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