1934 Lagonda 16/80 Special Six - history from new - NOW SOLD

Transmission: Manual

Chassis Number: S10997

NOW SOLD - off to Europe

1934 Lagonda 16/80 Special Six T7 bodied Tourer

Two year £45,483.65 ENGINE & GEARBOX REBUILD in the present ownership in 2012

Only 3866 miles since engine and gearbox rebuild

FURTHER INVOICES regarding this Lagonda :

SU carbs £554 Sept 2011

Lower water pump £625 Nov 2011

Water Pump £495 March 2012

Perrot shaft gaiter £69 August 2012

Half shaft fitting £1516 July 2015

New Tonneau £657 March 2016

Push rod £186 Aug 2016

New Rear Brake Drums £746 April 2017

New brake shoes /& fit new drums £1764 June 2017

Magneto rebuild Donald Day £558 December 2017

TOTAL £7170

COMPLETE HISTORY of 13 owners to date from new - every owner listed from 1934 when new on 4th June 1934 to a Mr John Cochrane in Glasgow who kept this car until 1946, the car remaining in Scotland up until 1972 before steadily making its way down to the south today 


Two ORIGINAL RF60 brown REGISTRATION BOOKS detail every owner together with their addresses from 1934 until 1967 when the V5 replacement registration document was introduced

With current ownership since 2011, bills on file list regular maintenance – indeed – includes a two year £45,483.65 total engine & gearbox rebuild with Terry Formhalls at Formhalls Vintage & Racing Ltd, Downton, Wiltshire from 2011 – specialist white metal supplier, amongst other engineering services, to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

Needless to say the engine can run on unleaded fuel but super unleaded is the preferred fuel used in this car.

Only 3866 miles enjoyed since the total engine rebuild, the speedo shows 17,628 miles today – the 2012 MoT showing 13,762 miles, so a total of just 3866 miles in 10 years, including enjoying the car across the channel to witness Le Mans on two occasions with a chum - and other continental holidays.

Instant engine starting from cold - first turn, with 5 pumps of Ki-Gas priming, the magnificent bronze bodied twin SU carburettors in the almost spotless engine bay rebuilt by Burlen Fuel Systems locally in Salisbury. See photos.

£13,000 repaint in 2004 including chrome, panel work and any necessary framework. 19 years on – the paintwork is now showing minor defects as shown in the accompanying photographs. Originally red, at some point the colour was changed to green - and repainted again in green as it is today

Believed original upholstery and carpets in good condition.

Large Lucas P100 non-dipping headlamps, with spotlight.

This car is fitted with a synchromesh 4-speed Alvis Speed 20 gearbox - with central gear change rather than a right hand gear change - arguably giving a much better driving experience than the original crash gearbox or by now heavy preselector standard fitting.

Ivory hood and side screens in serviceable condition, with recent tonneau.

Jaeger and Smiths instruments fitted – with standard rev counter – some Smiths instruments being more modern replacements.

New set of wheel spinners included. Blockley 5.50 x 18 6-ply tyres fitted

Mechanically reported to be in excellent condition not concours in the paintwork department – no rust seen underneath and refreshingly clean too, this is a very presentable car offered at a very realistic price.


"Silence and smoothness of running have been combined with performance in the new 16-80 Lagonda to an extent not hitherto achieved in any of these very fine cars. Yet the performance itself is remarkably good, even if judged on maximum speed alone, whilst it is even better from the general point of view if judged on the ability of the car to get under way really briskly..." – The Autocar.

The 2-litre 1954cc 4-cylinder Lagonda from 1930 to 1933 was superseded by the smooth new 1991cc SIX-cylinder 16/80 model introduced in 1933 and found approximately 260 owners by the time the model ceased production in 1935. The engine was a re-worked Crossley 15.7 smooth six-cylinder engine with magneto ignition and twin SU electric fuel pumps fitted to an established Lagonda chassis equipped with mechanical brakes. Aluminium bodied with steel wings in this case offered for sale today. Crash gearboxes were fitted to early cars with pre-selectors offered from mid 1933, and fitted as standard for the 1934 season. This car is fitted with a synchromesh 4-speed Alvis Speed 20 gearbox - with central gear change rather than a right hand gear change - arguably giving a much better driving experience..

Unfortunately, in 1935 the official Receiver was called in, and when Alan Good purchased the company he then employed W O Bentley to refine the new 4 ½ Meadows Six and also produce the V12 which would then rival anything Rolls-Royce could produce


Although we attempt to ensure accuracy of any statement or detail, the customer must make his or her own judgement in purchasing this car. The purchaser of the above car understands that he or she is purchasing a historic motor car with components that are up to 89 years old and sold as a collector item. There is no warranty given or implied due to the age of the car.


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